Villa by Northcote Pottery

Potted Garden Inspiration

If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not fill classic white Villa round pots with pink or yellow petunias or kalanchoes for a fresh, summery look or team graphite round squares with burgundy strappy leafed plants that create drama year round.

Give your garden a Mediterranean air with trailing red geraniums cascading out of terracotta coloured Villa window boxes or create a splash of vertical colour with wall baskets filled with this season’s hottest annuals.

Or follow Melissa King's planting recipe below to create a gorgeous, low-maintenance bowl filled with succulents!

Create Your Own Succulent Bowl
with Melissa King


Step 1.

Choose the perfect Villa pot. Northcote Pottery’s Villa Round Bowl is the ideal choice for low-growing, sun loving succulents and comes in a range of natural colours.

Step 2.

Choose a selection of succulent varieties with colourful foliage or flowers that match or contrast with the colour and design of your pot like Echeverias with striking forms and leaf colours, beautiful Sedums, Kalanchoes or Aeoniums.

Team plants together that enjoy similar growing conditions. This combination is ideal for a sunny balcony or terrace.

Step 3.

Fill your Villa Round Bowl with free-draining cacti and succulent potting mix.

Step 4.

Plant taller plants in the centre of the pot and compact or trailing plants around the edge.

Step 5.

Top with decorative gravel mulch or pebbles to complete the look.


Northcote Pottery
40cm Round Villa Bowl

Free-draining cacti and succulent potting mix

Succulent varieties such as Echeverias Sedums, Kalanchoes and Aeoniums

Decorative gravel, mulch
or pebbles