Pot plant care made easy.


Getting Started with Neo

Just a few simple steps are required to set up the self watering system for your Neo pot. You'll find all of the neccessary components stored in the base of the pot.


To get started, watch Melissa King's instructional video, or follow the instruction sheet which is included with your planter. Alternatively it can be downloaded here.

How it Works

A) No Spill Spout

Water your plant on the soil surface as normal or through the handy spout to prevent spills associated with other self watering pots.

B) ‘When To Water’ Indicator

Visual gauge lets you know when your plant needs watering, saving you time and water. When the gauge shows 'MIN' it's time to water your plant. Simply pour water into the spout to top up the reservoir.

C) Water Reservoir

Stores excess water which your plant can draw on via capillary action as needed, which means you can water less often.

D) Drainage Plug

If using outdoors, leave the plug out so excess rainwater can drain away, preventing your plant from becoming waterlogged. If using indoors, insert the plug before use to leave floors mess free!

E) Add Wheels

Wheels (sold separately) can be fitted to the bottom of your pot for ease of mobility.

Handy Tips

  • It is a good idea to check that you've set up the self-watering system correctly before adding soil and plants to the pot. You can test this by pouring water into the pot. When correctly assembled, the Water Level Indicator should rise when water is added to the pot, and should fall when water is removed.
  • Add water to the pot slowly, pausing regularly to allow the Water Level Gauge to rise as water settles in the base.
  • When inserting soil and plants to the pot, be careful not to get soil in the watering spout, as this can prevent the water level indicator from rising/falling freely.


How it Works

Neo hanging baskets come with metal chains and hook included so you can hang them where desired, including from a wall hook, pergola, balcony or tree. Neo wall baskets come with pre-cut holes, so they can be wall mounted to a wall or fence.

A) Water Reservoir

Neo hanging and wall baskets come with a handy concealed water reservoir, which means you can water less often! Simply water your plants through the soil, and excess water will be stored in the reservoir, which your plant can draw upon when needed.

B) Raised Drainage Plug

Neo baskets also feature a unique raised drainage hole which allows any excess rainwater to drain away.