Glow Outdoor Heating by Northcote Pottery

Important Safety Advice

Wood fired outdoor heaters add ambience and warmth. However, if not used safely and with adult supervision, they can result in severe burns, or damage/combustion to surrounding items and property. Below are some important safety issues to consider before using your outdoor heater.


  • Always ensure the unit is stable prior to use.
  • Your Chiminea / Fire Pit will get hot during and after use, so take care with children and pets.
  • Do not handle or move your Chiminea / Fire Pit when lit or hot. It may cause burns.
  • Always ensure the unit has completely cooled before moving.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.
  • Ensure the Chiminea / Fire Pit is positioned at least 2 metres away from flammable items.
  • Always check your local fire regulations before use.

Warnings / Caution

  • FIRE HAZARD - Hot embers may emit while in use.
  • For outdoor use only.
  • Only suitable for use with untreated wood and logs. Do not use charcoal.
  • Do not use the Fire Pit on or close to decking or any other flammable surfaces such as grass, wood chips, leaves or decorative bark.
  • Remember to never overfill the Fire Pit, or allow flames to emit out of the top or sides.
  • Do not place the heater on surfaces that could damaged by radiant heat emitted from the Fire Pit.