GRC Furniture Care

Sealing Instructions

Keystone Pierre TableKeystone and Elite Stoneware products are made from GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete). Northcote Pottery strongly advises that this item should be sealed prior to use, in order to provide adequate protection from accidental spillages and stains associated with general use.

Northcote Pottery advises the use of ‘Crommelin Ornamental Sealer’ to seal this product. Ornamental Sealer is a waterborne sealer that seals and protects to provide a clear satin to gloss finish. Easy to apply from a spray pack, Ornamental Sealer can be applied as a water resistant barrier, primer or as a clear protective coating over cured decorative finishes.

For more information on how to apply Crommelin Ornamental Sealer, please visit:

Alternatively, follow the instructions on the bottle, or speak to your local hardware store for advice.

Please note that Northcote Pottery bears no responsibility for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind due to improper, inadequate or an absence of sealing process.

Product Care

  • DO NOT use any acid cleaners on your GRC furniture.
  • Clean with warm soapy water and be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • DO NOT place any hot objects directly onto the surface of your GRC furniture – always use a table mat.
  • During periods of non-use it is advisable to keep your furniture covered.

Benefits of Northcote Pottery GRC Furniture

GRC is a composite material, consisting of high quality glass fibre, sand, cement and other additives. Features and benefits include:

Keystone Corfu Table
  • Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC) is more than 50% lighter in weight than traditional pre-cast concrete due to the use of high quality glass fibres.
  • The use of glass fibres also acts as reinforcement for the concrete, making GRC significantly stronger and more durable than traditional concrete.
  • GRC is tolerant of all weather conditions. It wont rust or rot, will not corrode, and is fire-proof.
  • GRC has around a 40% lower environmental impact compared to traditional steel reinforced concrete products due to reduced cement usage, and reduced transport costs due to weight. Also, the main constituents of GRC are derived from naturally occurring, non-pollutant earth oxides.

Want more information? Download a PDF copy of our Keystone Fact Sheet.

Manufacturer Warranty

Keystone and Elite Stoneware furniture is covered by a generous 3 year repair / replacement warranty from the date of purchase. Full details of this warranty can be found insde the packaging, or click here to download in PDF format.